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5 Reasons why you should use a personal trainer

There are many ways to get fit. Go to the gym, join a class, or go jogging so why should you pay for a personal trainer? 

Read on to find out what a personal fitness coach can do to help you get fitter faster and stay healthy longer whilst ensuring you don’t hurt yourself in the process.

Reason #1

A Personal Trainer will make sure you're doing it right

Getting the most out of exercise is all about technique and not how hard you work (although that does help!). Most people waste a huge amount of energy doing exercises the wrong way and often get disheartened at their lack of progress.

A personal fitness coach will not only tell you which exercises you should do but how to do them to extract the most benefit from the least effort. 

This means you could get fitter faster and should also protect you from injuring yourself through exercising with a poor technique.

Reason #2

You get a tailor made fitness program

A professional personal trainer will assess your current level of ability and what you want to achieve and then they will design a personal fitness plan to match your goals. They will also take into account any equipment you may have or want to use and where you want to train, whether that’s at home, in the gym or in a park.

This fitness plan acts as a roadmap to a fitter stronger you and a good PT will adapt and update it as you move through the fitness journey.

A well-designed fitness program is essential if you want to keep track of your progress and make sure you aren’t wasting your energy doing exercises with little or no benefit to you.

Your fitness coach will also know how to keep things interesting and should switch up the exercises on a regular basis to make sure your body doesn’t become accustomised to a particular routine or activity. This is imperative if you want to get the most out of your workout.


Reason #3

It's harder to quit when someone is motivating you

For most people, the hardest part of exercising is getting started and it is way too easy to just not bother going out on a cold night for a jog or making your way to the gym.

But you will be far more accountable if you have a date in the diary to meet with a personal trainer who will motivate you to shake off the cobwebs and get stuck into a workout.

Also, you get the most benefit from a workout when you are most exhausted. Your body doesn’t like working when it’s tired and it will do everything it can to make you stop but a personal trainer will encourage you to push yourself through this pain barrier. This will make your body work harder than it wants to which is an important tactic if you want to get fitter or stronger.

Reason #4

You will learn a lot about fitness, nutrition and how your body works

A personal trainer won’t just tell you what exercises to do, they will also tell you how a particular activity works and what it is doing to your body. 

A certified fitness coach is trained to know a lot about body mechanics and human physiology and should aim to share as much of this knowledge as possible. They are also trained in nutrition, sports psychology, exercise science and loads more and will teach you more about how your body works than you could ever hope to work out on your own.

A PT will also be able to give you lots of advice and suggestions for other things you could do in your everyday life that could have a significant impact on your overall fitness levels.


Reason #5

A personal trainer will help you make a lifestyle change

Have you ever tried the latest diet in order to lose weight but then been despondant a few months later because any weight you’ve lost is back and you now weigh more than you did?

That is not uncommon and it is due to the fact that an extreme weightloss diet is not sustainable. You may lose some weight by drinking cabbage water for a month but as soon as you go back to your old ways you will put that weight straight back on and perhaps even more.

A personal trainer will encourage you to change your lifestyle to a healthier version that is sustainable as that’s the only way of losing weight, getting fitter and stronger and staying that way. 

A well balanced diet coupled with a structured exercise routine is scientifically proven to help people lose weight and keep it off and a PT will help you find the perfect balance between health and fun because we all like a donut every now and then!

why not book in your free 25 minute hiit at home taster session today to find out how a personal trainer can help you?